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Tree Removal and Trimming

Tree removal and trimming can be dangerous work. When performed improperly or by an unskilled worker, it can lead to significant injuries and property damage. A good tree contractor has a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. He knows how to safely remove a dead or dying tree, while minimizing the impact on surrounding landscape and structures. He also understands how to use proper techniques to maintain the health of your trees.

An unhealthy or dying tree can fall at any time, causing damage to your home and other property. In addition, a falling tree can cause injuries to anyone who is nearby. It is important to have your trees inspected regularly by an experienced tree service company. They can identify any potential problems and provide you with the information needed to make a safe decision about the future of your trees.

While most home insurance policies in Valley Stream NY cover fallen trees, it is essential to talk with your insurer about the specifics of your policy before hiring someone to perform any kind of tree removal. Some policies have exclusions for certain kinds of trees, like invasive species such as the Gypsy Moth. Others may only cover damage that occurs due to a storm.

To keep your family, pets, and other people safe, it is a good idea to have any overhanging limbs trimmed as soon as they begin to grow. An experienced tree service company can prune your trees properly, removing the overhanging branches while preserving the natural shape of your trees and preventing them from growing too large for their space. They can also help to prevent disease by removing any insect-ridden parts of the tree.

Taking care of your trees is one of the best things that you can do for your property and for the environment. If you notice a problem with your trees, be sure to contact an experienced and reputable tree service professional as soon as possible.

Dank tree service is a full-service tree removal and maintenance company serving, Westchester and Nassau County on Long Island, New York. We offer residential & commercial tree services including tree trimming, emergency tree service, and storm damage repair. We are fully licensed & insured and promise to deliver top-quality work at an affordable price. Contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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